“A cross-sectional research study conducted with feedback and data from university students and emerging dance professionals in the United States and Canada.”


Do you find an improvement in your alignment and placement in class after doing Image Tech? Do you find an improvement in your balances in class after doing Image Tech? Have you experienced any other short or long-term improvements since doing Image Tech?

Yes. It has started to become muscle memory. I definitely learned about my balance every day in class after Image Tech. My dancing has improved immensely in the years I've done Image Tech. My technique improved which allowed me to get stronger. With this new strength I was able to deepen my movement and my understanding of other techniques.

Short-term improvements include catching my balance once I start to lose my concentration. I know that by following Image Tech daily, a dancer will develop the proper physicality and mentality to execute exercises in the most efficiently way possible. I see strength, awareness, and clarity forming in my long-term improvement.

Yes! After Image Tech, I feel so aligned that I am able to access much more length, turnout, and extension in my body than I used to have. Finding this alignment frees my body in all the right places, and setting up my "directions" kicks in the musculature needed to support this alignment throughout a class. After doing Image Tech, I am able to fire the muscles that I need to find and control my balance much more quickly because we have set up this coordination. I have experienced many long-term improvements since doing Image Tech, such as better control of my extension and turn-out. The largest improvement that I have gained from Image Tech is control and muscularity that I did not have before. I believe that I will continue to have improvement after improvement with Image Tech as my body continues to learn, change, and adjust.

Yes! Specifically grounding myself. I find Image Tech helps me to let go of the pressure I put on myself during ballet, and helps me approach it from a much more functional and healthier place, both in my mind and my body. Image Tech has allowed me to access movement in my balances; for the first time I have found that if you can access certain movement coordinations within the balance, you'll stay calmly on your leg. I think it's allowed me to define success from the inside out rather than the outside in. I recently used Image Tech before an audition in favor of my usual warm-up and it served me well, helping me to find my alignment, groundedness, and positive mindset. I think it's comprehensive, and therefore efficient.

Influence on Other Techniques

Do you find that after Image Tech, you refer to its image-based methods throughout other classes? Do you find that afterwards it makes a difference in your level of concentration in the class?

Image Tech establishes a particular imagery that you can reference before you execute a combination and any exercise. In class you usually establish a game plan for every combination you execute, and Image Tech provides you tools and knowledge ready to adjust and adapt and do your best to perform the combination to the best of your abilities. Image Tech provides a very relevant and unique set of tools that are easily accessible, especially for contemporary dancers.

I refer to the images throughout most exercises in class afterwards. I find the images to be particularly helpful in exercises that require a good deal of balance control, such as adagio. I find that doing Image Tech before class centers both my mind and my body, resulting in a more focused and successful class. The specific imagery coordinates my mind-body connection and wakes up the physical directionality that is required for a ballet class.

Yes! If I am having trouble with a particular movement, or if something isn't feeling quite right, I'll try out an image from Image Tech to see if it applies to the problem at hand. Doing Image Tech is like doing your homework. When I have done Image Tech before a class, I'm able to focus on artistry more, and body mechanics less. I also find that I pick up material much faster.

Injuries: (Healing and Prevention)

Have you recently suffered from any acute, dance-related injuries or experienced any specific areas of chronic pain? Do you feel that Image Tech has had any influence on these injuries or chronic pain?

I absolutely credit Image Tech with my overall lack of significant injuries during my dance career. Ms. Wells's exercises train the body and mind for both optimal muscle recruitment and proper alignment, creating healthy movement habits to rely on. The more I have done Image Tech, the less I've had to worry about injury, giving me a fuller freedom expression in my dancing. As a tango dancer, I can say with 100% confidence that I would not be able to dance for hours and hours in high heels if it weren't for Image Tech.

I have a hip and back injury and a foot injury that I had surgery for. By setting myself up with Image Tech before class, I am able to attain proper alignment and reduce pain in my hip and back. The Image Tech work has allowed me to access muscle groups that I previously did not know how to access, making me both stronger and generally more pain-free.


(Collected from 2011-2018)

Image Tech has forever changed my dancing and I am eternally thankful.

The visuals of Image Tech really helped me with being more relaxed in class and getting rid of unnecessary tension rather than gripping and forcing steps. I learned to breathe better and move within my limits but still be able to push them. Image Tech helped me with avoiding injury and knowing what feels right. It gave me the tools to clean up my technique and on a somatic level be aware of what is going on in my body.

Learning a tactile approach to technique has helped me immensely. Image Tech helped me sync my mind and body and discover correct placement and a safe, rewarding way of working.

I will never take ballet class the same way again. Thank you, Image Tech, for revolutionizing my view and experience with ballet.

Image Tech is extremely helpful for understanding the body. I felt sensations I have never felt before. I was able to feel the ideas being given instead of just guessing where my body should be.

Image Tech is absolutely enlightening and has changed how I perceive the mental and physical connection in all of dance.

Image Tech is wholly responsible for my success in movement execution and understanding. I can confidently say because of Image Tech, I am able to prepare myself for a successful day, no matter what genre I am working in, because it fundamentally grounds my body and my mind in order to tap into their full potential.

In all my years of appropriate somatics training, I have never encountered a technique so perfect for dancers. Image Tech truly is a dancer’s bread and butter.

The amount of brilliance in Image Tech is astonishing. Hearing my physical therapist astounded as to my immense alignment progress in such a short time, I knew Image Tech was to thank for such a feat. Essential for all promising dancers, Image Tech is a life-long skill for success.