About Image Tech for Dancers™

IMAGE TECH for dancers™, or ITD is a weight bearing physical and mental preparation for a dancer to use before a technique class. It was originally created to connect the dots between Alexander Technique, the work of Irene Dowd, and ballet class. The method addresses how one incorporates the important information of these supplemental techniques into their body while standing and provides significant groundwork for dancing.

Synthesizing what has been studied and taught to dancers over the past 20 years to enhance their training, for me, this is inclusive of Alexander Technique, anatomical applications from Irene Dowd, kinesiology, physical therapy and proprioceptive exercises. My goal has been to integrate this vast body of knowledge into something practical and useable. ITD brings the application of “the best” of the aforementioned tools, neuro-science and biomechanical understanding into the classroom to prepare dancers for their strenuous classes. It is composed of an organized routine of exercises to precede the rigors of ballet and contemporary dance. The codified order and language was created to be used daily, though even a short 5-10 minutes can set up a more experienced dancer for their day. ITD in practice is a methodology that can be applied throughout the entirety of the dance class.

The practice itself consists of the use of dynamic directions and energetic imagery. The dancer uses tactile prompts to trigger muscle groups that stabilize and facilitate proper and efficient alignment. This will give the dancer stability and allow them to release unneeded tension. The sequence is roughly 20- 30 minutes and is composed of standing exercises that are done in both parallel and rotated positions. The exercises begin on straight legs and then develop to incorporate demi-pointe and plié. Dancers work first standing on two legs, progress to standing on one leg and then negotiate transfers of weight. Quickly, students become autonomous with the imagery and the guided practice of the routine is not necessary after they have made their own connections. Students are then free to access ITD as a tool throughout their careers.