Image Tech for Dancers™ Teacher Training Program

IMAGE TECH for dancers™ is a registered trademark and may only be taught by certified teachers.

Acceptance to the IMAGE TECH Teacher Training program is at the sole discretion of Alexandra Wells and considers factors such as a deep understanding of the technique, teaching ability, and geographic location. While all applicants will be considered, applicants are strongly encouraged to have the following:

  • 60+ hours of IMAGE TECH cumulative class hours with Alexandra Wells or participation in 2 one-week IMAGE TECH workshops, totaling 50 content hours.
  • 1+ years of professional teaching experience
  • A professional dancer with experience in ballet, Horton, Cunningham, Graham, Limon, or another upright, weight-bearing technique

At this time there are no official teacher trainings scheduled. However, the teacher candidate selection process is ongoing and trainings may be set up based upon interest. To express interest in being trained as an IMAGE TECH teacher, please fill out the contact form.

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